– How accurate is the information that the graphologist determines from my handwriting?

The analysis is 95-99% accurate and covers your characteristics and skills. International research proves that the results of a psychological test and handwriting analysis are the same.

– Nowadays we write less and less. Is the analysis still effective?
Yes, definitely! Teaching handwriting is still part of the education system and during our school years we write by hand many hours a day. Handwriting as a fine motoric movement is automated and individualized. The knowledge learned so anchored, that even in this world of tables and laptops it is not a problem to analyse any form of handwritten letter.

– Why should a company change from the accepted assessment method to handwriting analysis in the recruiting process?
Because both the company and candidate save time by spending only 2 hours instead of 8 and it costs 40% less for the company. The candidate just needs to write a letter, complete the ethical statement form and attend the job interview. Meanwhile the graphologist will analyse the letter and inform the company about the result.

– When a company asks me to take part in handwriting analysis, what kind of information will the graphologist share with the company about myself?
– The graphologist shares those skills and characteristics that are important for the role. A personal job interview is still important to get to the final decision. The graphologist merely determines the skills of candidates and does not decide who is most suitable for the job.

– In what language shall I write my letter to the graphologist?
– The best is in your native language. Please create a second letter in English if your native language is Russian, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese.

– I write in many different ways: sometimes quickly and illegible while other times slowly and legible. In this case how can the graphologist get any information from my handwriting?
– Our way of handwriting is influenced by our specific emotional state and experiences in life. Take 15 minutes during a calm moment to create your handwritten letter for an accurate analysis. This way our original shapes will show up on paper.

– I write in a very ugly and illegible way. Does that mean I’m a terrible person?
– Not at all! Everyone has great competencies and skills.

– I have many handwritten notes from university times. It’s been 5 years. Shall I give them to the graphologist for analysis?
– Unfortunately this is not sufficient. The graphologist needs a handwritten letter which is not older than 6 months. Our style of handwriting changes accordingly to life changes. The notes could be useful in addition to the letter.

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