About graphology

Graphology is a study of handwriting to determine a writer’s character.

The most important scientists who established the rules of graphology: Ludwig Klages (1852-1956), Jean-Hyppolite Michon (1806-1881), Max Pulver (1889-1952)

Handwriting analysis is used for the evaluation of a personality. It is ideal for example in the following fields:

  • Self-awareness 
  • Recruitment: advise for candidate and role match
  • Career guidance: inadequate study create failure and decline self-confidence. Graphology helps people to succeed and enjoy their studies.
  • Child care advice (au pair, nanny): to help you choose an au pair or nanny – monitoring specific personality traits such as honesty, reliability and hidden aggression.
  • Child and family counseling: to help resolve sensitive issues.
Requirements of a handwritings analysis
  • Write a letter on an unlined white A4 size paper
  • The topic can be anything, write for example about your hobby or holiday, etc.
  • Choose a calm moment when nobody will disturb you. Sit at a table in comfortable surroundings (light, temperature)
  • Please don’t copy any text from a book! Write by heart!
  • Write minimum 15 rows
  • Use addressing (“Dear Charlie”) and in the end finish it with your full signature
  • Write in your mother tongue
ethical statement

For the analysis I need a written permission of the author. A signed ethical statement is sufficient (see PDF document). It protects both parties. I guarantee the confidentiality and secrecy of the information that is found during the analysis.

Set of Tools that the graphologist use for the handwriting analysis

Ruler, graphology ruler, magnifying glass, calculator, MS Excel

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