Handwriting analysis

Stunning and quick analysis about yourself.

My customers said after handwriting analysis:

It is amazing what kind of information are determined from a handwritten brief.
Caroline (54), Eindhoven

I was totally surprised of Krisztina’s accurate analysis, that she determined from my short form of letter. Graphology is a very efficient method to get insight of a person’s drivers, personality and using it at different companies!
Roos (36), Eindhoven

Stunning and extraordinary this handwriting analysis! It was nice to see how someone can your handwriting analyze and describe what are your core competencies. Strongly recommended if you would like to know more about what lurks behind your handwriting.
Diana (34), Eindhoven

After my handwriting analysis I was very surprised. That’s amazing how much information you can get out of your handwriting!
Previously I filled a TMA (Talent Assessment Method) test and the results were the same. I recommend graphology to everyone.
Ilona (33), Eindhoven

The handwriting describes an accurate portrait of the person. How you write can tell a graphologist a lot about your creativity, self-confidence, ambition, focus, willpower, stability, tact, enthusiasm etc..

A graphologist can determine more than 80 skills and features from the handwriting.

  • Do you think your handwriting is messy and illegible?
    To a graphologist it is actually signal strength in the analysis.
  • Did you know that your handwriting is the most personal of the intellectual expressions you own?

Are you curious about what your handwriting “tells”? If so, you are welcome to find out now!

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